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Our Science

Bold Ideas. Breakthrough Discoveries.

The ability to attack cancer tumors with fewer cell infusions and minimal off-target effects will expand the viability of treatment protocols and deliver more positive patient outcomes.

By combining multiomics, cutting-edge gene editing technology, and synthetic biological approaches, we are building a new breed of cell therapeutics that are optimized for expansion, memory, and persistence in vivo.

ArsenalBio is taking a full-stack approach from cell isolation and engineering, through expansion to infusion, in the development of a single T-cell genetically programmed to eradicate solid tumors.

An unprecedented multidisciplinary approach to an audacious goal

Developing effective cell therapies against solid tumors presents a unique set of challenges due to their active T-cell suppression mechanisms and biological complexity.

Our methodology for tackling these challenges is equally complex. We are inviting the brightest talent from a broad spectrum of disciplines to share their knowledge, inspire one another, and enlist themselves in the relentless pursuit of life-saving solutions for patients in need.

Cell Therapy. Genome Engineering. Bioinformatics. Synthetic Immunology. Deep Machine Learning.

Our matrixed team structure enables cross-functional teamwork, leveraged expertise, and efficiency at scale. Employing innovative science, state-of-the-art computational and biological tools, and licensed technologies, we are poised to deliver the next generation of safer, more effective therapeutics.

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