About Us

ArsenalBio was formed by its investors and scientific founders to discover, develop and commercialize curative and safe cellular therapies for patients with life threatening diseases, initially cancer.

We believe the most productive and secure route to achieving this goal is to build scaled platforms of technologies challenged with scientific questions to yield informative data from hypothesis driven, well controlled experiments. These data will inform the design of ambitious, best-in-class, lead compositions. Our leads will be rigorously evaluated and honed until we are convinced our matured leads, called development candidates, can be prepared for testing in needy, and vulnerable patients.

Our products will be designed to speed the transition of cell therapy from hospital-based to outpatient treatments, increasing access to more patients at lower cost to patients, health systems, and insurers.

To achieve this mission, we are building diverse teams of talented, curious, and caring individuals who believe in our mission and our vision to be sustainable in our business plan, our work habits, and our personal lives.

Our values create: a foundation for mutual respect, an engaging harmony from many voices, and unselfish behavior to aid our colleagues.

This is ArsenalBio.
This is our Company.

Ken Drazan, MD
Founding CEO

Our Values

Patient Centered
Our relentless efforts to create effective and accessible immune cell therapies are driven by the knowledge that our success will be rewarded by prolonging life and ending suffering for people with incurable diseases.

High Integrity
We have the audacity to advance bold ideas and the tenacity to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of scientific proof until we can predictably produce reliable data that yields consistent outcomes.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is our superpower. We are fueled by the diversity of thought, experience, approach, and process that is unique to each of our team members, and thrive on the respectfully robust discussions that allow us to reimagine what we think we know and spark new discoveries.

Taking on the greatest health challenges facing humanity requires being here for the long haul. We strive to scale aggressively while fiercely protecting our most valuable resources - funding, time, and the well-being of our people.

Our mission is to become the global leader in discovering, developing, and commercializing curative immune cell therapies.

Join us.